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Welcome to your evolution.

What do you desire most in life?

Are you ready to live with passion & purpose?
If you couldn't fail, what would you do?
 Eleven years ago, I set off on a solo trip to Tanzania and came back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I had no idea how I would make it through the waves of grief and survivor guilt, but knew I had to try!  
I dove into both Western and Eastern approaches to holistic healing studying in traditional classroom settings as well as through intimate apprenticeships, workshops, and retreats. Today, I've had the honor of working alongside world-renowned healers and teachers.  I've gathered tools and concepts from each of them to create an ever-evolving toolkit that can support the needs of those I serve.
 offer transformational tools to master authentic living through releasing self-judgment, rebirthing self-love & reclaiming your freedom. Through individual and group coaching programs, you get to empower your thoughts & instill inner confidence through exploring deeper levels of consciousness & providing clarity in your vision while inspiring you to embrace the true you; the woman you were always meant to be so that you will become truly unstoppable.
  By fully showing up in this work, you will step into a new way of living, one that is transformative in nature. This path will allow you to discover authentic living while learning to stand fully in your power and speak your truth with conviction. It's time for you to share your wisdom with the world. 
Through our sessions, you will gain the tools, insight, and healing you need to conquer your fears and show up in life! Get ready to live on the edges of your comfort zone and design the life you're meant to live.

About Me

Hello Beautiful! I am passionate about supporting women in connecting with their authentic selves so they can live a life of meaning and purpose!


I'm a motivational speaker,  empowerment coach, energy worker and social justice advocate. My job is to inspire people in disrupting old belief systems that cause them suffering so they can reconnect with their desires and show up in life!


I've been supporting individuals to utilize their truth and intuition since 2012 providing trauma-informed services both 1:1 and in group settings. My passion for this work came through my own pain to purpose story which can be heard in my Soul Collection

I've had the opportunity to apprentice and study under a number of experts and am trained in Reiki, emotional release work, Warrior Goddess Facilitation, hypnosis, Toltec practices and ceremonies, and breath-work. 

I am a Level 3 Warrior Goddess Facilitator as well as a member of HeatherAsh Amara's global leadership team. I'm heading into my second year of apprenticing with her and am excited to share the wisdom with you!


Workshops & Trainings

Warrior Goddess

Facilitator - Reclaim - Wisdom 

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Noel Nguyen

"Naomi Herrera is one of the most amazing inspirational women I know. She is authentic, whole-hearted, personable, professional, and real. She helps women find their true North, their soul's purpose, and the voice that is trying to come out. Her abilities to truly connect deeply with each of her clients is amazing. Anyone who joins her workshops or 1:1 coaching will find that she is an amazing inspiration to all."



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