Photography by: Amy Cary

Goddess Diversity Campaign

I’m passionate about sharing this message with the world!


While looking for empowerment memes, I noticed a trend; there was a total lack of diversity. The womxn I love, admire and evolve alongside were not being fairly represented. It was nearly impossible to find a feminine presence posed in an empowered stance with a meaningful quote that was outside the traditional American beauty standard. I thought to myself, “How can I use my privilege as a Latinx woman to support all of the sisters in my community?” ❤️


The following day, I reached out to Amy Cary who had the same outrage as myself and together we birthed this campaign ✨


We called out to our local community (through FB) and had a handful of enthusiastic Goddesses reach out! These memes come from our first photoshoot series.


It's time to SHARE these images along with your own pictures with #GoddessDiversity to help spread inclusivity!



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