Are you ready to? 


Find community among a sacred group of women

Speak your truth

Increase self-awareness

Stand in your power

Learn ways to be present and feel more alive

Increase feelings of empowerment

Learn to love and accept yourself without judgment

Connect to your inner wisdom

Divine Feminine Exploration


The next 12 week series begins January 2020!

Together, we will work to master authentic living through releasing self-judgment, rebirthing self-love and reclaiming our freedom!  We will meet once a week for 3 months of transformative work.

You are ready for this transformative series when:


  • You are actively working on exploring the concepts of mind, body and soul, and are interested in taking this exploration deeper.  

  • You are interested in further developing your ability to empower yourself and are willing to take risks in a safe environment surrounded by a tribe of sisters.

  • You want to explore that which is feminine and divine and you are willing to listen and share with an open mind.

  • You are willing to respect other's opinions, and accept the idea that we are all equal, and all unique. 

  • You are ready to create a life you love and become the woman you are meant to be.


Divine Feminine Exploration will facilitate the creation of a sacred community of like-minded women who are willing to explore their relationship with themselves in the context of all that is divine and feminine.


*This program is open to women and divine feminine identifiers (anyone along the gender spectrum that does not identify as male)


What others are saying!

Jennifer Kaczynski

 "I walked away with quite a bit in terms of wisdom strategy that I can use to not only accept my fallible humanity but love and embrace it. Naomi is the real deal. You get that undeniable intuitive sense that Naomi is living her purpose fully which is clearly to help women become empowered in themselves within a sisterhood. She connects us to ourselves and to each other. A true warrior goddess - bravely vulnerable. I am so excited to participate in her fall series and learn more about how I may acquiesce the wisdom of self-actualization through love - sweet love! Beautiful!"

Greer Sommer Currison

"It has been an honor and a unique opportunity for me to have completed a 12 month Divine Feminine Exploration (DFE) program with Naomi Herrera and a tribe of wise and wildly creative and exceptional women. I was inspired to participate in DFE after referring several women to Naomi's groups as a therapist in community mental health (Pierce, County, WA). I noticed these women increase their own personal power, improve internal awareness's and display a wisdom that I wanted to explore a little closer. I was striving to write new personal and professional scripts, to speak my truth and to trust my internal wisdom. I too have sharpened inner awareness's, completed some significant goals and met magnificent women. These women bravely showed up, encouraged each other and radially accepted/celebrated each others' hurts and hopes. The learning took place in a stunning and sacred space where we peeled back layers of old beliefs making way for light and renewal. I highly recommend working with Naomi Herrera."

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