Is Empowerment Coaching right for you?


     Are you ready to shift up to a higher state of consciousness so you can see the full reality of what’s available to you?

Empowerment coaching is the process of connecting you to your truth, power and inner wisdom so you can transform how you show up in relationships and in life. Together, we will explore the areas in which you give up your power, cultivating awareness around your perceived barriers.  Once identified, we will create a plan of action to get you back into alignment with your inner Goddess so you can design a life you love! 

"Change is inevitable but transformation is by conscious choice"


- HeatherAsh Amara

Empower Yourself

An opportunity to provide clarity in your vision and inspire you to embrace the woman you are meant to be!


Inspirational Truth

Let me support your audience in finding hope and inspiration by providing engaging conversation & tools to transform their lives!


     I will help you uncover the unconscious agreements that keep you stuck. Unconscious agreements are false stories we tell ourselves that keep us from achieving our full potential. A common one I often hear is "I'm unworthy." If you are feeling stuck in this mindset, then that is what you will attract over and over again in all aspects of your life to include your career, friendships, and romantic relationships. Your outer world reflects your inner world. What is so beautiful about this notion is that the answer lies in healing yourself! As you heal your wounds and unconscious agreements, you will see a total SHIFT in how you show up in the world!

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