Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator

Graduates of this program, developed by HeatherAsh Amara, will be certified as Warrior Goddess Facilitators and be able to host a one-day Reclaim workshop and a 5-part foundational series.  
The purpose of this training program is to introduce you to what it means to be a Warrior Goddess leader and a deep dive into the Warrior Goddess teachings to support you in thriving through sacred leadership. This virtual and live training is open to women who are already a part of my community. During this 10-week online certification course, you will learn:
★ Cutting edge learning techniques, ritual, and transformational, experiential group processes
★ Tools for staying grounded and present in difficult situations
★ Energetic techniques to create sacred, healing circles
★ A map for guiding women towards their freedom and authenticity
★ How to use teaching and service as a personal path to freedom
★ How to face your fears and your successes
★ The key ingredients to market and build your local community
Program Includes:
  • 10 weeks of Warrior Goddess Foundational Teachings

  • Attend Reclaim! workshop in Spokane, WA for FREE with a firewalk

  • One full day of live training

  • Monthly Warrior Goddess Facilitator calls with program creator HeatherAsh Amara and her Leadership Team

  • Access to a dedicated and closed Facebook Group 

  • Discounts to future Warrior Goddess events

  • Be listed as a Level 1 Warrior Goddess Facilitator on HeatherAsh Amara's website

  • An opportunity to teach the 5 part series online with your fellow facilitator sistars!

Course Requirements:
  • Complete the virtual training modules (attending live calls or watching recordings)
  • Attend the LIVE Training  
    • ONLINE Training option. This is ONLY for those who cannot join any of the above live training; there will be an additional requirement to complete in addition to watching all online videos and attending the live intensive. You will also need to complete a written evaluation.
  • Pass the final teaching evaluation by submitting a recorded 20-minute video of you teaching a partial lesson from the foundation series or Reclaim workshop and answering 5 short essay questions regarding the teachings for review by our facilitator support team.
This program runs from Tuesday, April 2nd - Tuesday, June 11th. Classes will be held virtually every Tuesday from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm PST.
Week 1  April 2nd: Foundations of Sacred Leadership
Week 2  April 9th: What is Your True Work?
Week 3  April 16th: Holding a Container
Week 4  April 30th: The Warrior Goddess Way
Week 5  May 7th: The Art of Creating Dynamic, Experiential Classes
Week 6  May 14th: Workshop Wisdom: Tips and Power Tools
Week 7  May 21st: Outreach and Calling In Your Community
Week 8  May 28th: Closing + Special Topics
Week 9   June 4th: Introduction to the Warrior Heart Practice
Week 10   June 11th: Graduation and Final Evaluation Due
Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training is a certification program for empowering women and living from the heart of your beautiful self! 
Certification: Upon completing the certification training and final evaluation, you will be certified as a Warrior Goddess Facilitator and empowered to teach a 5-week Warrior Goddess Wisdom series and the one-day Reclaim Your Wholeness workshop.
Ongoing Support: You will also be a part of our Warrior Goddess Facilitator circle so you can receive ongoing support and guidance, and monthly Facilitator calls with HeatherAsh and the Leadership Team. Upon completion of the program, you will be listed on the warriorgoddess.com as a Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator with our contact information. 

Investment: $899 ($600 savings) 

Dates: April 2nd - June 11th

Facilitator: Naomi Herrera 


















Reclaim Your Wholeness

Coming Soon! 

"If you don’t love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life, then it is time for an inner revolution. It is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy." —HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

The new women's revolution is an evolution from being other-focused to inner-focused. When our attention is trapped by fearful shoulds, what ifs, and don’ts, we scatter our energy and struggle with knowing what is authentic for us.

When we bring our attention back to discovering who we are on the inside—not who we wish we were or who we think we should be—we begin a sacred path of transformation toward our innate, authentic, embodied power.

This is the path of the Warrior Goddess.

Join Naomi Herrera for a one-day workshop that blends tools and techniques from Toltec wisdom and European shamanism to create lasting shifts in perception and liberation from limiting beliefs.

We will practice shedding old structures and programs and releasing the layers of expectation formed by the idealized Self. And together we will create the foundation for a new paradigm—one in which we love, respect, and honor our mind, body, and spirit unconditionally, and support our Warrior Goddess sisters in doing the same.


The evening will finish with a short drive to Cheney for an inspirational firewalk that will transform you, whether you choose to walk or to hold space and witness sisters. 

Cost: $149 (Early bird discount of $119 if purchased before 2/15)

Date: Coming Soon!

Facilitator: Naomi Herrera & Lisa Mora, Firewalk Instructor

Warrior Goddess Wisdom
5 part series

When you read these words do you feel the truth of them ringing in your bones? Or do you feel the weight of self-judgment and self-doubt, the fear of not being good enough, and the exhaustion of seeking your value outside of yourself?


When we bring our attention back to discovering who we are on the inside—not who we wish we were or who we think we should be—we begin a sacred path of transformation. That path leads us back to ourselves—to our innate, authentic, wholeness. And when we align with our inner power and embrace our creative flow, we step into our full expression in the world.

This is the path of the Warrior Goddess.


Warrior energy is a combination of focus, dedication, purpose, and determination. When we harness our warrior energy we are confident, clear and bring our full presence to each action.


Goddess energy is our creative flow: unconditional love, pleasure, passion, and wisdom. When we claim our goddess energy we live in joyful self-acceptance and we listen to our sacred inner voice.


In this Warrior Goddess Training series, developed by HeatherAsh Amara (apprentice to don Miguel Ruiz of The Four Agreements), we will use tools and techniques from Toltec wisdom and European shamanism to release outworn structures and paradigms, unpack limiting beliefs and examine the stories that keep us stuck. We will rebuild the foundation of our commitment to ourselves through the creation of new, conscious agreements.


This will be a weekly class, so you'll be in community with the same group of women throughout the series, which will allow us to go deeper in our process, hold a powerful space with our collective energy, and give us the opportunity to be supported, witnessed, and inspired by an incredible group of Warrior Goddesses.



Week 1: CREATE SACRED SPACE  An introduction to the Warrior Goddess teachings and Toltec awareness practices. We will discuss the concept of freedom, explore the creation of our idealized self, and examine our conscious and unconscious agreements as women.


WEEK 2: COMMIT, ALIGN, PURIFY  We will begin by connecting to the women who will be our inner travel companions along this journey. Our practice for the week will be focused on making a commitment to ourselves, aligning with the natural rhythms of life, and honoring our sacred vessels.


WEEK 3: GROUND, CHANNEL YOUR ENERGY + RECLAIM YOUR POWER  This week we will bring awareness to various layers of our energetic being. We will practice grounding techniques, explore our life force energy—our creativity and sexuality—and work with the energies of strength and vulnerability. We will also explore our strategies for giving our power away and how to reclaim that energy.


WEEK 4: EMBODYING LOVE, TRUTH & WISDOM This week's practice will be around opening our hearts, speaking our deepest truths to ourselves and others, listening to our inner voice, and embodying our wisdom. 


WEEK 5: CHOOSE YOUR PATH This week will be a deep dive into our identities and roles as women. We will consciously acknowledge and dismantle our "shoulds" through ritual, myth, and experiments. And we will honor our transformative time together with a closing ritual.

One of the things that make this program so powerful is that together we create a safe and sacred space for YOU to open up and be vulnerable - be your true and authentic self.  But that doesn't make it easy. Our domestication has taught us to fear being vulnerable at all costs!

We all desire to be loved and show up for ourselves and others yet obstacles will arise that can get in the way of that desire. Together, we will create opportunities for you to challenges these fixed thoughts and beliefs that keep you from living your best life. 

In this series, inspired by my work with HeatherAsh Amara and rooted in her teachings, we will begin by building awareness around the things that no longer serve us. Once we've cultivated a greater internal understanding of our patterns, we will work with a ceremony to release these old wounds, rebirth our TRUE self and reclaim our power. 

Cost: $199 (Early bird $169)  

Date: Coming Summer 2020

Facilitators: Naomi Herrera 

What others are saying!

Lina Edgerton

I attended the Warrior Goddess series for Women and it was, in a word, enlightening. Surrounded by a circle of wonderful women with open hearts and guided by the beautiful light being, Naomi, I was able to expand my awareness in ways I couldn't even begin to imagine. I had no clue what I was walking into when I signed up but I was surprised by what I found. I was able to express myself without judgment, to be challenged, and to become aware of unconscious agreements that have been holding me back from being my authentic self. I would HIGHLY recommend taking the leap and joining one of these events. I can't imagine that you would be disappointed.

Angela Anderson

What an amazing morning with Naomi and the Warrior Goddess workshop! Words cannot express the power of being able to connect and share with the beautiful women this morning 💞 I am eternally grateful and forever changed! Thank you for being an inspiration and letting intuition guide you to share and empower women to free themselves and live the life they are meant to live! If you were not able to make this workshop, I would encourage you not to miss the next one... This was definitely transformational💗 Much love and blessings to you, Naomi. ✨💖✨


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